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Area 11L (South Orange County)

2019 Area 11L


December 7th & 8th

Finals - December 10th

Area 11L Tournament of Champions

Area 11L Tournament of Champions

December 7th & 8th

Finals - December 10th

Lake Forest Sports Park

Tournament Check In

All teams must check in at least 60 minutes before their first match. Coaches must bring the following items to the onsite Tournament check-in table:

  • Fall Season Coach ID Card
  • Signed copies of each players current Fall Season Player Registration Form (i.e. medical release form)

Please note:
 Player Registration Forms in electronic or digital format, will NOT be accepted. Hard copies MUST be presented at time of check-in.

Coaches are advised to take advantage of and bring the above items to EARLY check-in.
  • EARLY check-in: THURSDAY December 5 (6pm-7:30pm) at Outback Steakhouse
Please note: Approved team rosters (in Blue Sombrero Team Tournament Format) and four (4) pre-printed Blue Sombrero generated game cards, must be submitted to the tournament ([email protected]) prior to December 1st. Roster and game card file name submission format: AGE GROUP - DIVISION - REGION - COACH NAME (ROSTER or GAME CARD) [i.e. 14UB-R85-SMITH (roster)]

** Official Rosters and Game Cards will be submitted by the Regional Commissioner or their designee.

Tournament Information

Match Min
Half Ball
10U 10 75% 7v7 5 25 (x2) 4 NoNoYes
12U 12 75% 9v9 6 30 (x2) 4 No Allowed No
14U 15 75% 11v11 7 30 (x2) 5 AllowedAllowedNo

  • All Coaches & Assistant Coaches MUST have a current Fall Season, Region issued, Coach Photo ID Card.
  • Current season Coach/Assistant Coach ID Cards are REQUIRED for ALL Tournament Matches.
  • ID Cards must be worn and remain visible at all times.
  • Player ID cards are NOT required.
  • All players must be fully registered with AYSO for the current season.
  • Guest players are not allowed.
  • Coaches are required to have in their possession, AT ALL TIMES, signed copies of each players Fall Season Player Registration Form (i.e. medical release form).
  • Roster changes (adding/removing players to fall roster) is NOT allowed.
  • Home team (listed first on the schedule) chooses side of field to occupy and if uniform color conflicts, home team must change uniform color.
  • NO Coin Toss (Home Team chooses direction or kick-off).
  • Preapproved lineup cards to be provided to Tournament Staff by Regional Commissioner.
  • Standings based on ten (10) point system.
  • All matches must start and end on time.
  • Half-time break NOT to exceed 5 minutes.
  • Pool play matches may end in a tie.
  • Semi-Final and Championship matches must have a winner. If tied at the end of the 4th quarter, winner to be determined by KFTPM.
  • Coaches and Teams are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to adhere to the following items:
      • Coaches are ENCOURAGED to manage potential match blowouts by limiting goal differentials. (Information)
      • Coaches are ENCOURAGED to manage Goalkeeper play. Recommended that Goalkeepers play at least one (1) quarter at another position.
  • Lineup cards will be reviewed by onsite Regional/Area Staff.
  • Pets (i.e. dogs) are never allowed at AYSO games or practices.

  • Referees must check in at the onsite Referee Tent at least 45 minutes prior to their first match and be properly dressed (in full uniform).
      • Yellow jersey (new style), black referee shorts, and black referee socks with 2 or 3 stripes.
      • Appropriate AYSO Badge.
      • Hats are OK, but should be all black baseball style only.
      • Referees are encouraged to bring alternate colored referee jerseys, in case needed.
      • Improperly dressed Referees may be replaced.
  • Referees must perform a player and field safety check before each match.
  • Coach and Assistant Coach ID Cards are REQUIRED for ALL Tournament Matches.
  • ID Cards must be worn and remain visible at all times during the match.
  • Check Coach and Assistant Coach for valid Coach ID Card.
  • Player ID Cards are NOT REQUIRED.
  • NO Coin Toss (Home Team chooses direction or kick off).
  • PRE-PRINTED lineup cards are required (to be provided by Tournament Staff).
      • Coach/Assistant Coach ID Cards must match pre-printed coach names on lineup card.
      • NO handwritten changes, besides jersey numbers, allowed to lineup card.
      • Any other changes must be approved by the onsite Tournament Staff.
  • Lineup cards will be reviewed by onsite Regional/Area Staff.
  • Return team lineup cards and signed Tournament Game Card to the Tournament Referee Tent, immediately following the game. Tournament Game Card must be signed by each teams Head Coach and entire referee team. Total number of goals scored in each half and final goal total must be recorded prior to coaches signing.
  • Start and end all matches ON TIME.
  • Half-time break NOT to exceed five (5) minutes.
  • Pool play matches may end in a tie.
  • Semi-Final and Championship matches must have a winner. If tied at the end of the 4th quarter, winner to be determined by KFTPM
  • All matches should be officiated by 'neutral' referees. Parents SHOULD NOT sign-up, to referee their own child's match.
  • Players in the tournament will not be allowed to officiate.
  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches MAY NOT referee matches within their respected division, regardless of pool. (i.e. 10UB Coach/Assistant Coach may not Referee 10UB matches - regardless of pool. 10UB Coach/Assistant Coach may referee 10UG Match)
  • Referees associated with a team or wishing to help a team to earn back part or all of the Referee Deposit, must update their referee profile page in MatchTrak prior to self assigning any matches (select the team you wish to receive credit) - otherwise position credit may not be received.
  • Pets (i.e. dogs) are not allowed at AYSO games or practices.
Referees: Please report all player misconducts; player, coach and spectator incidents; injuries; field issues and guideline variations to the onsite Referee Staff, at the conclusion of the match.

Required Play Time

  • All players MUST play at least 3/4 of each game unless prohibited by roster size.
  • No player may play 4 quarters unless ALL teammates play at least 3 quarters.
  • No player may be limited to 2 quarters more than once (per season), unless all teammates have already been so limited.
  • 10U, 12U and 14U Goalkeepers STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to play at least one quarter in the field.
  • Substitution rules may not otherwise be changed because of roster size.
Referees: Please report all incidents and guideline variations via a Matchtrak match report within 12 hours of the conclusion of the match.

Important Dates

  • 12/1 - Roster & Lineup Cards Due
  • 12/5 - Early Check In
  • 12/7 - Pool Play (2 matches)
  • 12/8 - Pool Play (1 match)
  • 12/8 - Semi Finals
  • 12/10 - Finals
  • February - Section League Championship
  • March - Western States Championship

Contact Information


Tournament Info. - [email protected]
Referee Admin. - [email protected]


Thursday 12/5 (6pm-7:30pm)

Outback Steakhouse
25322 Cabot Rd
Mission Viejo, CA 92653
Outback Steakhouse

Lake Forest Sports Park
28000 Rancho Parkway
Lake Forest, CA 92630
LF Sports Park Directions

Pool Play - Point Standings

Standings for pool play games will be determined on the “ten-point system” as follows:
  • WIN = 6 points
  • TIE = 3 points
  • LOSS = 0 points
  • GOAL = 1 point (one point per goal scored up to a maximum of 3 per game, win or lose)
  • SHUTOUT = 1 point (for an earned shutout, including a 0-0 tie)
  • FORFEIT = 8 points (scored as a 1-0 win)
  • SEND OFF = -3 point deduction for any send off

Pool Play Tiebreaker

In the event teams are tied on the basis of points earned at the conclusion of pool play, the team’s pool play final standings will be determined in accordance with the following sequential tie breaker criteria:
  • Winner of head to head competition (this criteria not used if more than two teams tied).
  • Fewest goals allowed
  • Winner of most games
  • Greatest number of shutout victories (wins only)
  • Coin Flip

Coaching Area

Each team is allowed to have up-to two (2) certified and approved Coaches (i.e. Head Coach and Assistant Coach). Both Coaches are to stay within the Coaches' Area during the game, REGARDLESS of whether the area is marked on the field. This area is defined as a space 1-1½ yards back from the touch line and extends 10 yards either side of the halfway line.

(Coaches should use the center circle as a guide when the area is not marked.)

Safety Information

Tournament Safety Information Return to play forms and information: Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) Forms Important Concussion Awareness links:

Pet Policy Reminder

Please be aware that pets are NOT allowed at School fields - AT ANY TIME. The presence of pets at any school field, will lead to the revoking of our permits.

While some cities do allow leashed pets at city parks, they are NEVER allowed at the field during a practice or game.

For the safety of ALL our players and volunteers - please leave your pets at home.

AYSO is obligated to observe and respect existing regulations and laws regarding the presence of service animals at our fields. Service animals are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as only dogs or miniature horses that have been trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Other animals, whether wild or domestic, do not qualify as service animals.

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