Short or Small Sided Soccer IS NOT Real Soccer
Short-sided soccer is about what is best for young soccer players. It's for AYSO coaches, referees, administrators, spectators, and anyone else concerned with the development of 5 to 12 year old soccer players

 Yeah, but nobody else supports small sided soccer. 

The United States Soccer Federation supports small sided play!!!  Don't believe us?  Look here.  Or USSF's website.

Don't let the "clubs" fool you.  USSF oversees all soccer in the United States and they support small sided play as it promotes player development.
I'm not sure if Club is for me or not. 
This is a personal choice based on what a parent feels is best for their child.  Certainly there are great clubs who promote player development the right way.  

Even the FA, England's governing soccer body, recently embraced small sided play.  Learn more here or here
Earning playing time "prepares kids for being adults."
Kids love to play. They don’t like to sit on the bench. The benefits of playing a sport are tied to competing in games. Kids who sit benefit less from sports than kids who play.

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AYSO does not have competitive playing options